European Queer Muslims

What does Islam really say about being homosexual, transgender or bisexual? Does love, sex and gender expression have to follow heteronormative norms dictated in religious scripture?

A panel debate about queer Islam – oficial side event to IDAHOT 2016
May 13, 2016  
//  13:00 – 15:00 pm  //  HOVEDSALEN at COPENHAGEN CITY HALL
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In this panel debate, you will leave with concrete answers to your questions. We explore best practices of queering Islam by Stichting Maruf, our Dutch sister organization who work actively to promote queer muslim perspectives.

We are joined by the chairman of our sister organization, Dino Suhonic, from Stichting Maruf  – Dutch Queer Muslims. Dino is Bosnian, Muslim and gay, chairman of Maruf, the first Muslim LGBT organization in the Netherlands, a high school teacher and editor at
Suhonic also appeared in several Dutch television programs and newspapers such as NRC Next and Volkskrant.

In 2015 Sabaah and Stichting Maruf, along with members from 7 different European countries founded the European Queer Muslim Network. The network is a Trans-European platform, that strives to improve and empower lives and perspectives of anyone who identifies as queer and muslim in Europe and abroad.

A Danish panel consisting of religious leaders and politicians will be announced at a later time.



Dino Suhonic from Stichtung Maruf Dutch Queer Muslims
Fahad Saeed Chairman of Sabaah